Bloggie I’m back!!

Well it’s been a hit and miss for me blogging. And I am back, this will be a place where I can share my creative side and in hopes to minister to those that need it, in a fun, creative way. Please leave me comments {nice ones please}, and if you don’t have anything nice to say best not to say it all. Mama taught me that growing up. I am hoping to post one new thing a week {don’t hold me to it though, God comes first}. I am in prayer, that when I do come on, that it’s Lord lead.

I did have a facebook and recently closed that account. Lord had just been telling me to get rid of it. Everyone’s conviction are different. Honestly, I just spent to much {wasted} time on there. I want to be able to further God’s kingdom in every possible way I can. I think this is a great outlet for that. Alright, I will talk to you next time.


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7 thoughts on “Bloggie I’m back!!

  1. I am soooooooo glad you are blogging again it is where my heart of hearts is too and will stay as I shared only on Facebook now because of Spirit Squad and girls but other than that I still personally feel it is used so much to bring harm and hurt feelings instead of good as well as being the enemy's tool to keep us focused on one more thing other than our KING!!!! Good for you sis!

  2. Amen Cindy! It is definetly not a place for me anymore, for many reasons. And yes it, for me, brought more harm than good. It definetly can be used as an enemy's tool and playground. God Bless you!Adrienne

  3. Hey, Adrienne. Miss you on FB, but I totally understand your position. God desires our obedience over sacrafice. So, I admire your obedience to our heavenly father. Your example to many especially the little eyes at home that watch you are the most important. Ii'll continue to check in with you on your blog. Love ya…STENOMAMA

  4. Hi Stenomama! Not sure of your real name {wink}. But thank you for your encouragement and loving words. I have to be honest I did have withdrawls for a bit, but I am over it. Blessings!Adrienne

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