Homeade Heating Pad {It’s Ghettofabulous}

I had to share this ghettofabulous idea my friend shared with me {thanks Nancy}. Ok, so my oldest was needing a heating pad and we didn’t own one yet. I was talking with my sweet friend and she shared this amaziness with me. It was a ghettofabulous heating pad. You only need 2 things and it’s soo easy; when your in a bind and need some heatness quick.

1 sock
1-2 cups rice

~OK, so you go to that pile of lonely socks that you can never find the other pair too {because your washer ate it..true fact my washer broke down becuase it swalloed a big one..LOL}.
~Then you find any kind of rice you have in your cabinet.
And for an extra touch {that I didn’t use but will next time} find some lavendar or smelly oils you might have around your house.

Okay so this is soo easy…you open up your sock fill the sock with 1-2 cups of rice and add oils at this point if you want {not necessary though}. Tie sock in knot at top. Then pop in micro for 30 seconds and whala….instant heating pad. Only setback is it kind of smells woodsy and that’s why it might be better to put some oils in it. So next time your in need of a handy lil heating pad, just whip this right up!!

That’s all I have for now!!


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