God Loves You!!!

So last night was an awesome communion service!! I was so touched by it and was reminded how much God loves us. I wanted to share a few things, from my notes that I take during service, that ministered to my heart that I wanted to share with you and pray that they minister to you as they did me.

Jude 1:24-25
~God is ABLE
~God is able to meet whatever short fall he has in your entire life.
~He has all resources at his finger tips. We don’t need to worry about anything.
~WE need to release everything in our lives to Him, Who is able, Hiis arems are wide stretched for you!!
~He is able to handle your problems
~There is no circumstance to difficult for him.
~Trust in Him fully and completely
~HE guardes us, for safe conduct and safety
~He is able to keep you from falling if you listen to His voice!
~God is able to present us faultless (without blemish…is that amazing)
~I thought it was amazing about how Pastor John was talking about the Glory of God, how if we are even to look at Him now, we could not. But when we get to Heaven we will get new eyes to behold God and that will totally awesome!! that blows my mind.
~WE should always be ready to give a reason of our hope!Be ready in season and out of season (Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. 2 Tim 4:2)
~God Delights in you!
~You will not ever dissapoint God!! (PRaise you Jesus-I totally thought I was this whole time, this was a relief for me…whew)Your not going to surprise Him, He already knows what your going to do and so He loves you with an absolute pure Love. AMAZING!!
~His love is not predicated on performance
~He loves you when your failing, when your struggling, He loves you…He alone is our savior!!
~God is Glory!!
~Everything is under Gods control, EVERYTHING!! Nothing happens outside His will.
~Gods plan is unveiling exactly as He planned and He knew it would. Isa 46:9-10
~There is grace available for you!
~Flow with God, don’t fight Him, stay in His current, Yeild to Him. I promise there are blessings waiting to be had!

God Loves you!!!


One thought on “God Loves You!!!

  1. Oh sis great note taking I love it sis. It is so awesome to Know that GOD truly is in 100% control of EVERY FACIT of our lives we just need to step aside and allow ourselves to only be guided and directed by the gift of the Hopy Spirit within…………..God Bless,love you sis,Cindy

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