Free Mayo, BBQ Sauce and Aquafresh!!!

I am so loving this clipping coupons and saving. So today I took one last trip to Target to get my free Kraft Mayo. Also took advantage of being a new pharmacy customer at Target and also of being a little sick, I didn’t have any of those coupons where if you are new customer or transfer your prescription you get a $10 giftcard. So I just asked the guy at the counter and he had some, so I got 2 I’ll tell you why later. But he said that’s the only time I can get one. So anyway, my prescriptions were about $12, which originally he told me they were $10 but when I went to p/u he said I told you the wrong amount so you got 2 $10 coupons. Wow…that was an unexpected blessing. Made up for me feeling yucky. I got sinusitis….. So not bad for what I needed I was expecting it to be way more than that, because I don’t have insurance.

So anyway, I had a lil’ basket full of stuff some of the dollar spot was 75% off. The Lord totally blessed my shopping day, I pretty much got $12 worth of free stuff. I didn’t have to pay a dime really. So anyway, about the FREE Mayo go to Print Coupons to download your $1.00 off coupon (if they still have any, they go fast) and then to Target to get Target’s $1.00 off coupon as well. Once you print those out go to Target and purchase Kraft Mayo, which are $1.99 each and hand the cashier your 2 coupons, because you can use a Target coupon and a manufactours coupon on top of that, and whola you get a free Mayo. It’s an awesome feeling, yeah I know I get excited over the small stuff. But I look at it as if I can save then it’s a blessing. You can probably do it more than once for the Mayo, you can print at least twice at the print coupons website and as many as you want at Targets site. I also got Aquafresh free as well, one coupon was $1 off at Target (but this coupon I printed a couple weeks back and they no longer have it on the target coupon list) and then I went to Aquafresh site and printed there $1.00 off coupon and Aquafresh is also $1.99 and so in the end you will probably get back $.04. So in reality they are paying me to shop. Not bad there is also another great deal Free BBQ sauce at Target and Walmart. The Kraft BBQ sauce is $.99 at both places so you can go to print coupon (see above link highlighed in pink that says Print Coupn) and you can go to Kraft website too and dowload one from there too. I think you print twice at both. So those are some of the things that you can get for free right now. The couponing thing is pretty fun and saves you money. So for all my free items I’ve so far I’ve saved a total of $8.00. Who wouldn’t want to save $8.00 and put it towards something else. Well I just wanted to share my free finds and let you in on them. I will post more as they come.

Other than that check this website Grocery Smarts out for all the great deals on most of your major grocery stores and Target it gives you list off each store and lets you know whats on sale and if there is a coupon it will either have a link or it will tell you which red plum, smart source or P&G coupon ad it’s in. Happy Shopping!!!! If you have any questions leave me a post. I will be more than happy to explain.
God Bless you!

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