Cereal for $.88 at Smiths

So tonight was grocery night and I was excited because I recently went to a Grocery Smarts class. Which, I will be hosting a class soon so you can find out about that later. But they teach you how to use your coupons the right way and save a ton of money doing it. It just takes you to a whole new level with grocery shopping, who would of thought. So being a newbie at this Grocery Smart thing, I only had my red plum coupons and my printable coupons to use. The website gives you a list of a few different stores like: Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Smiths, Vons, Food 4 less and more. And you see which store has the best items that are on sale and it tells you if that item has a coupon that goes to it. So anyway, long story short. I choose to go to Smith’s they seem to have the best deals this week.
Here’s what I bought:
Seedless Watermelon .25/lb,
Strawberries $1.25/pkg,
Russet Potatoes $1.79/10lb bag and these don’t have coupons with them. There’s more that I’m not mentioning not enough time to type it. It’s just a sale thats going on. Thats what I really like about the site is it tells you who has the best deals and on what.

And so here’s the big one for me. So Smith’s is having a sale on some of their kellogg cereal like: Pops, Raisin Bran, Mini Frosted Shredded Wheats and Frosted Flakes for $1.88. Plus the Grocery Smarts websites will also show you that there are coupons for it as well. A dollar off coupon to be exact. So in the end I paid $.88 for each box of Cereal and I was able to buy 5 boxes, which should last me a while. Plus they had a ton of stuff on sale. My whole purchase was about $80.00 and we ended up paying about $66 with a saving of over $13.00. Which for me not bad for being the first time. And there was a perk for me. I met a sweet gal that was shopping the grocery smart way and was able to chat with her. She has been doing it for 2 months now and encouraged me. She saids ” It only gets better after the first month” So I can not wait to be at that level of shopping….LOL!!!!

Thanks for stopping by….I just had to share my great find.



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