Clean up!!

Clean up…Clean up everybody do your share. That is the story of my life these days. The Lord is cleaning up my heart. It’s not fun…well who says cleaning is fun. But it can be joyful when you have the Lord helping you.

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. And I hope to soon. Be back soon!!

God Bless


4 thoughts on “Clean up!!

  1. Amen Sis! The spiritual clean up is an every day occurence. It starts every morning, as I make time for the Lord. The hardest part is recognizing when the Devil tries to keep my heart and mind so busy that I do not make time for Jesus. Keep on cleaning house!

  2. It sounds like God is on the move and that is always a very good thing.I do pray that the Lord gives you just what you need for the day. One day at a time, right? As we gaze into the face of our Heavenly Father we cannot help but to be transformed and renewed, so I pray you have that time to gaze upon His face. God bless you sister.Love,Melanie

  3. Yes, Jesus is often cleaning my heart too. He is today! It feels like heart surgery, but it’s for our ultimate good. Read Romans 8:28. He is the ultimate heart surgeon! -Becky

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