Under Construction!!!

I know, my blog looks undone right now. It reminds me of how I am as I walk with Jesus! I am undone! I will not be done until that day that He welcomes me into Heaven!! Thank you Jesus for that. Today was a very eventful for day. Math/division seemed like an eternity, then as I was cleaning upstairs I found my little one with paint all over her body. I wanted to scream, but all I could do was laugh. She was riding on her little horsey and she reminded me Pochahontas (spelled her name wrong I’m sure), but you get the picture. I’ll have to post it later, because I took many. After I was done cleaning the bathrooms I immediately gave her a shower. Boy that was the longest shower ever!! The water was very colorful.

There was a moment when I did see her for the first time, rainbow colors in all that I wanted to get so angry. But I got a tug from the Lord, laugh…..laugh is all I heard. And so I did just that. I also was remembering our Mom’s fellowship we had last night and one of the chapters was about letting things go sometimes, and so I did. It was awesome to let it go and just laught it off. I had a frustrating morning, and at that point I said I’m not going to let Satan steal my joy. Thank you Jesus that I can do all things through You!!! Thank you for all the frustrations, sweeties that paint their whole bodies, disobeying children and trials. With out them, I wouldn’t be as close to you as I want to be. I’m at a point in my life that I welcome trials, it only brings me closer to the Lord and that is where I want to be. As close to Him as possible.


4 thoughts on “Under Construction!!!

  1. Just stopped by to say hello…..Boy, did I need this today! So often I get caught up in “I need to do this, I need to do that” and anything that gets in my way frustrates me…..even my children! Thanks for the reminder to hang on to the joy in all things – especially since this stage of life that we are in will be gone before we know it! And God has something to teach us in everything…even paint covered babies! Have a blessed Wednesday! Kristin

  2. Awwwww I know how those moments can be yet praise God you were able to take it all in and find joy even in a paint covered child that is so uplifting and the word does call us to “COUNT IT ALL AS JOY” so my hat’s go off to you sis may you continue to embrace that and take each trial as it comes your way “Counting it All as Joy”God Bless you sis,Cindy

  3. This was a beautiful testament to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. How beautiful that you rested in the arms of your Savior and allowed your child to be innocently unaware and carefree. These moments will be few and far between. What a wonderful memory to look back on for all of you. God is so good isn’t He???

  4. Reina-Your blog is beautiful! I love the pink and I have always loved Victorian Country. Your blogs are so inspiring to me. About two weeks ago, I found SOS radio and haven’t listened to anything else since! I used to be a Country music girl, but since I have found the Lord, it doesn’t sound pleasing to my ears anymore. 🙂

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