Wow…..I am still in shock that we just celebrated Thanksgiving. Did that come fast or what? It was like I blinked and November was over. Now here’s December, the month we celebrate our Lord and Savior’s Birthday. This is my absolute favorite time of year to reflect on our Lords Birthday and to start the Advent Calendar. A friend of mine gave me this awesome link for an advent calendar to read for everyday leading up to Jesus Birth. Here’s the link, be sure to check it out . I started mine today, totally spaced it yesterday. But it’s all good. I used just a simple wreath and bought some candlstick holders (garage sale find), 3 purple candlesticks, one rose candlestick and a bigger white one for the center. It doesn’t have to be fancy. I had my oldest daughter light the candle and my youngest daughter blow out the candle. It really helped us get in the spirit of the reason for the season–Jesus. Also, another tip my friend gave me (Thanks Deanna by the way) was to pray over the families that give you cards the day you recieve them. And we did that today and that was just a blessing to be able to do that for them.

This year I really want to reflect on the Lord, I know we can get caught up with all the Christmas shopping, programs, parties and other misc things that we sometimes miss what it’s all about. The Lord really prompted my heart to just take it easy on those things and to reflect more on Him, to glorify Him more than all those other material things. Honestly, I have to say that it has been a challenge, but the more I reflect on Him, the more I want to reflect on Him and not the other things.

Usually, ever year I like to coordinate how the decorations we be on the tree, that no one wants to help me in the end, and I am such a perfectionist, our tree has to be perfect. Like I get all stressed out if it’s not. The Lord told me this year it’s not about the tree, it’s about me. So this year, I let the girls do all the decorations, instead of just some. And I was way less stressful and they enjoyed it, the tree came out so good too. I loved the way my little one just lit up with joy of how she got to put up the decorations. That was a blessing, I wouldn’t have been able to see that if I was putting them up. So thank you Lord for that. Thank you for stopping us in our tracks when we are going to fast. Thank you for everything: the good, the bad and the ugly. If it wasn’t for you I don’t know where I’d be and I thank you for You Lord.

I know I haven’t been the perfect person, wife, mother or child and I’ll never be, but you know that already. But Father would you continue to mold and shape me into the image and likeness of You. Would you continue to empty me of me and fill me with more of You. Would you please give me your eyes to see everything the way you do, to Love the way you Love. To be more like you. I love and thank you Lord sooo much. Continue to do a mighty work in me, my Husband and my beautiful girls.

THANK YOU JESUS!!! AMEN!! God Bless each and every one of you this year and this season!

In Him,


6 thoughts on “Wow!!

  1. Praise God! I can’t wait to see your tree, especially since it was decorated by the princesses. Now don’t move any ornaments until I can see it, lol. Oh, and you’re welcome:)

  2. Amen sis this was amazing….I too am very focused on Jesus this season we started the Advent for the first time this year and have every night been truly blessed. To see the kids getting into it and hearing their precious prayers….only out of the mouth of the babes I love it. I as well allowed the kiddo’s to take part in more of the decorating this year we just truly do not know how many more Christmas’ we have and I want my kiddo’s to enjoy the season in it’s entirty. May God Bless your Home and from our family to your family MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!CINDY

  3. Thanks for sharing! We too are doing the Advent Calendar for the first time this year since the girls are now old enough to follow…I understand about the Christmas tree! This is also the first year the kids did most of it, it’s fairly “bottom heavy” with ornaments 🙂 but well worth all the fun while they decorated it and now as they can see all their favorite ornaments at their eye level! Merry CHRISTmas! Kristin

  4. How precious. This year is quite different isn’t it? I am so thankful for the times and focus on the fact that He’s coming soon. I am blessed to hear that you are resting in Him and that the kids are making memories that will last a lifetime! Have a blessed time EXPERIENCING all things that are good from the Father of heaven.Hugs,Melanie

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