Well the Lord has totally answered a prayer request of mine. Some of you know that I love Bull Dogs and I prayed a specific prayer to God I told him Lord I love this kind of dog and we cannot afford one, so Lord if it’s your will, will you provide one. I asked Him that it would have to be older because I can’t deal with puppies and that it would be good with my girls.

My husband calls me the other day and said that his co-worker is going out of town and wants to know if we will watch her dog. And guess what she was a bulldog. I got so excited I thought is the Lord answering my bulldog fix. At least it will be for a little while and will be able to see what they are like and if we are compatable. So he said tomorrow we will go pick her up. So we were there getting aquainted with her and Michael asked his co-worker so how long will you be out of town and she was like 1 or 2 weeks and inside I was jumping for joy I get to spend 2 weeks with a bulldog, my favorite dog ever. Every chance I get to see one my heart jumps and I just love them,they are so cute. Granted they don’t have the prettiest face, but it’s so cute to me. So anyway after they tell me how long I will be watching her there was a pause and Michael says ok I can’t take it any longer and the lady says well “The dog is yours” I was like what are you serious??!!!??!!!! I started crying (tears of joy) because no one knew my prayer to God and here God was answering my hearts desire. I was in shock, I had to ask a few times if they were serious. It was God’s & Michael’s early Christmas gift to me. She is a total blessing she is filled with nothing but love for everyone people, cars, dogs and us. She is good, we had a few accidents which those are expected. But she’s on track so far, we just have to take her out and remember to. The Lord knew……I love you Lord you are soo good to me.

Now I have another prayer request. We do have a Rottweiler, who we have been praying about a home for her for awhile now. She is a dog that needs lots of TLC, that we just can’t give to her at this point. She is a very aggressive dog, something that we did not teach her, it’s just her personality I guess. She does not like other dogs, sometimes people or cars. She makes me nervous around our girls. She has that look of unpredictableness. She needs a home where she is the only dog, or with someone who can handle her weight and train her to be good around other dogs (Cesar Millan we need you on this one). She needs a home with a big yard, we only have a small courtyard that is nowhere big enough for her. And when she barks we have 3 other homes that our patios are connected to and can hear her and sometimes the visious loud barking wakes them up. So if any of you may know of a home that will take her in, please let me know by leaving me a message. God Bless you all.

In His Love,


4 thoughts on “Ducchess

  1. 77hey well what a blessing that is for you God bless your new doggy I am joyful your hearts desires were answered and I will pray for a home for your other dog. God bless you sis!!cindy

  2. Oh my goodness! That is so awesome. God is so sweet isn’t He? I am joyful for you and I pray that your new addition to your family will be a total blessing. Oh the joy that doggies bring to a life!!!!! Something else to scrapbook!!!!Thinking of you,Melanie

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