Veterans Day

Well I would to thank the Men, My Awesome Husband, My Father and My Grandfather (who is no longer with us). I just want to say a thank you for serving our country to keep us protected. You scraficed your life and time to keep us safe and I Love you and thank you for that.
I also want to thank God for sending His Son Jesus Christ to die on that cross for our sins. May we never forget what He did for us. He is the true Veteran, who scraficed His Life for us.

My Dad in this picture, I don’t know how old he was, probably in His early 20’s. You look awesome Dad!!!!!

My Husband in Fort Knox, Kansas serving our country. He was in his early 20’s here too. WooooHooo, Chow Babe!!!!
And My Beloved Grandfather(on the right in the picture below). Who served when he was in His late teens I’m sure. God Bless you all. We love you!!!!


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