Vote Yes on Prop 8

I received this video from a friend of our family who is also a brother in the Lord. This is an awesome video it is about a Christian family who lives in
Massachusetts who is experiencing life with a newly passed law allowing same
sex marriage. It appears that once something comes into law, the government
and the school system can do what they want under the law, because at this
unfortunate time in our history, the law of your State and the law of our
nation supercedes God’s law. Do you believe that the issue of same-sex
marriage should be taught to your children, or your grand children? I certainly don’t. As Christians, we need to get involved in the election and share God’s Word
with others, so that they can understand where God stands on the many issues
that come before us. What do you believe? If you truly believe in God and
that the bible is His inerrant Word, then you must speak out for His truth.

To view hit pause on the mp3 player at the top right hand corner and hit play on the video, it is about 6.5 minutes long. But is worth it. Pass this video along to all those you love.

In His Love,

Will you stand up for our christian rights and beliefs? Post your comment below.


3 thoughts on “Vote Yes on Prop 8

  1. WOW!!!!! I am wipeing away many tears right now as I am sad as well as mad at what this world has become. I urge “EVERY” single christian to please vote it matters and is a serious matter at that. We have a responsibility to vote and keep these things the way they were intended. When schools take away our rights as parents it doesnt matter if we are christians or not it just isnt right. I was very thankful that father went and stood his ground to the point of going to jail and he did in fact for a short time. Folks if we dont all let our voices be heard this is what we may all face. I ask you this question “DO YOU WANT SOMEONE ELSE TELLING YOU HOW TO RAISE YOUR CHILD????????????????MAY GOD BLESS US AND MULTIPLY OUR EFFORTS!!CINDY

  2. I’ll have to come back and watch this!! Have you heard of Chuck Baldwin? Check out my blog post on voting! I’ve been wanting to see more of ya and get to know ya more! I’m adding you to my blog roll,if that’s okay?

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