Woman’s Retreat!!!

Well I am just soo totally excited for this weekends woman’s retreat. WE had our woman’s bible study tonight and the Lord just is totally preparing me for what He has for me and I believe for all the woman that are going.

Tonight, we watched our video of Nancy Leigh Demoss (we are studying the book of Ruth) and she talked about having a Moab in our life? And basically when Naomi and her family first went to Moab it really wasn’t what the Lord had for them there, so Naomi realized that and moved back home, well first she repented and then moved back. And the question that was asked tonight was what is your Moab, what is taking your focus off of the Lord tonight? And that just really stuck with me because I haven’t really pondered on that lately. And I know the Lord is going to really show that to me this weekend as I spend some quality time with Him.

Lord I want more of you, living breath of life come fill me up. Lord I need more of you living water rain down on me. I am hungry Lord, I am hungry for more of you.

I have really noticed that I’ve been dry so thirsty and hungry for the Lord. But yet, I hadn’t really done anything about it, until now. I took the first step and got to bible study so that it could lead me to seek the Lord more. Tonight the Lord just really spoke to me about my priorities and about putting things before him. He has been revealing that to me lately and I pray that this weekend I am able to just go before Him and Repent and to be able to just go home with him and eat the manna that He has for me. And drink His water that I so desperatly need.

I ask that you would keep us woman lifted up in prayer this weekend that the Lord would just take this time to really speak to us and to minister to our hearts. That we would be able to just sit still and eat and drink Him. That we would be quit, be still and let Him minister to our hearts, to our minds to our souls. I also pray for the husbands that you would put your Holy hand upon them, give them extra ounces of strength, patience, mercy and grace and for a hedge of protection around the kids that they would have a sweet blessed time with their dads or who ever will be caring for them.

Thank you and so I will not be posting anything this weekend and possibly not until Tuesday. So God Bless and have a great weekend!!!

In His Love,


One thought on “Woman’s Retreat!!!

  1. Hi sis! You so made me cry today and you didn’t even know it. I was just touched to the core by your gift. That you would take the time and put your gifts to work to create a beautiful wall hanging for me. What sent me over the edge was the scripture you used. It is my favorite verse. One that I had meditated on recently and it was like God speaking to me and wrapping his arms around me using you as His vessel. Thank you so much my sister! I am so blessed by your heart and your friendship. I am lifting you up and your family this weekend. May the devil get out of the way in Jesus name!!!!!!!Hugs,Melanie

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