Allie Brown Giveaway!! Check out her blog site!! It’s Amazing!!!

So here is the Give away that Allie has posted on her blog. I just copied it to mine so you can get the idea.

From Allie: FIRST KIT! And my first GIVEAWAY!This is HUGE. I’ve (allie) never made a kit before. And this is a massive kit with 14 papers and like 52 elements (give or take a couple as I have my four year old talking nonstop in my ear).

It’s called Arizona’s Sunset. For those that have lived or visited Arizona, you KNOW that there is no prettier sunset than one in Arizona. The colors are amazing.

So here’s the giveaway. In TWO WEEKS(Allie) I’m going to give this kit to one lucky person. Just comment on my blog (be nice please or it will be deleted!) and on the 27th sometime I will randomly choose who gets this kit.

But here’s another awesome catch. You can vote TWICE! Give yourself more odds, right? Post a regular comment and then comment again telling me that you’ve added a post on your blog about my giveaway. If you don’t have a blog, email five people about the giveaway. Here’s her link



3 thoughts on “Allie Brown Giveaway!! Check out her blog site!! It’s Amazing!!!

  1. I haven’t visited your site for about a week and I had fun reading what I missed out on :). I feel for you on Veronica’s growing up before your eyes…sometimes it would be nice to slow down the process and keep them babies a little longer! I REALLLLLY like your new blog background! Doesn’t she (Allie Brown) have the greatest layouts? Thanks for the heads up on the blog candy – I haven’t been visiting sites much the past few weeks….going to check it out now….see you tomorrow! Kristin

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