9/11 Tribute (The Fray)
(To listen to video, press play, but before you do that press pause on the mp3 player on the right, so you won’t hear 2 types of music going at the same time.)

Well today is the 4 year anniversary for the attack on Sept 11, 2008. As we remember those who lost their lifes, may you lift up their families today to give them comfort and for those that are still struggling may the Lord deliver them. Focus on the family had a radio broadcast of one of the surviors of that day. To Listen click the link below.{82830EAB-972E-4D7F-A5A9-C3C768B2BD2E}&FAMILYTYPE=null

God bless you!!!



2 thoughts on “Remeber!!

  1. Hey sis I wanted to let you know it is actually the 7th year anniversary of the attacks on the twin towers it happened when I was sitting in an O.B. appointment pregnant with Daniel it was awful..thanks so much for sharing it never gets better I cried again everytime I see those images it brings me to tears that there are actually people out there who have so much evil in them that they could inflict that kind of horror to man kind Praise God He remains on the throne to bring the healing our Nation needs.God BlessCindy

  2. Whoops my bad!! I tried looking it up and probably seen the wrong year. I do remember that day too, I was at work and it seemed like everything stopped, we were sent home and it was just a bad/sorrowful day!! But praise be to God he has seen us through it. Thanks and God Bless you sis!!Adrienne

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