Wow, what a week (first-half) it has been. My little baby girl is growing up right before my very eyes. Praise the Lord that I am able to witness it. I says it’s bittersweet because, well this last Thursday she came to me and asked to sleep in her sissy’s room (to my shock) I said “Ok”, thinking or hopeing that she would come crawling back in the middle of the night. And to my surprise she slept the whole night threw.

The next day she took a nap in her crib for one last time, I guess Iwas too lazy at that point to try to put her to nap in her new bed (Victoria has a bunk bed, so she got the bottom one). So that night she asked again and I said yes, hoping this time she would sleep in her crib. I guess I was in denial about her growing up before my very eyes. I don’t like to sleep alone and so the next morning I woke up and she is still in her new bed.

My sister calls me later on in the day and asks if the crib that I gave her (someone gave us an extra one) was missing some screws. So, it was perfect I was able to bless my sister with Veronica’s crib (all pieces attached and still in great shape). And by Sunday her crib was gone and all belongings that went with it. It was a bittersweet moment for me. My little girl is growing up, I felt a little sad. I had gone threw this before with my older one, knowing that someday my little one would do the same thing. I didn’t prepare myself enough for this, but you know my Heavenly Father got me threw it.

So, in recent posts I stated I was trying potty training and at that time she wasn’t ready. Well the last time we got diapers I told my husband that this was going to be the last time we buy diapers because by the time she gets done with these I will potty train her. Well, yesterday I ran out of diapers and remembered that it was time to potty train (this was a little unexpected) well I had it expected and was telling Veronica that we were going to start and one morning I woke up and was like umm………we only have 4 diapers left for the day. So I prayed right away and was like Ok Lord, I need your HELP!!!!! So when it came time for the last diaper I waited and then I just had her teach a horse how to go and then showed her and the rest is history.

Thank you Jesus for being with me through these times that my walking by sight seems to be impossible but I know that All things are possible through you, so I shall walk by faith and not by sight. Thank you for loving me through this and giving me the patience for this because I know that if you weren’t in me I’d be a crazy woman and loose it.

Tonight was church and it was a blessing the Lord totally ministered to my heart and taught me alot about fearing him. And what it will be like when we get older, Ecc 11-12. Fun stuff!!!

Well that’s all for now, just wanted to share some of my praise reports with you and thank you for stopping by!!!

God Bless you!


3 thoughts on “Bittersweet!!

  1. I know how you feel sis I waited 10 years to have another girl and my Bella is getting more and more independent with each passing day it is sad …….however she is growing into a special little girl I love it. I pray we learn to take every day in stride and not take anything for granted. God Blesscindy

  2. Wow, I am so excited for you guys. I love the horse, I figured with her liking animals more that that would be better than the dolly. You are a genius. Hey, and I have to comment on your remark to Victoria the other day when she found the lizard. You know you are a die hard homeschooling family when you ask if she wants to dissect it!!!! so funny. God bless sister.

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