I could not resist this new bloglift. It was perfect, I wanted to have a summer layout before Fall comes on the 22nd. I loved that it had the faith tag, that just made it more sweet. Now as you can see my side bar is getting to be soo long. Do any of you know how to make it a 3 column layout? Not sure if I said that question correctly. I guess I want 3 columns to be able to more stuff if you can believe that.

I also changed my diaper cake site too. Check it out at http://heavenlydiapercakes.blogspot.com/ My worship and praise to start out is Britt Nicole for this week. She is my new fav artist!!!

God bless and blog you later!!!

In His Love,


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  1. This is cute sis…I know the blog thing is hard more room would be awesome I know Mel is having same issue with her blog if I figure it out I will let you both know.CAN YOU BELIEVE FALL IS THE 22ND I am soooooooooooooooo excited whoohooo fall!!!! God Bless Sislove you,Cindy

  2. I like the “bloglift”! bright and cheery but not overwhelming! I don’t know the answer to your 3 column dilemma but I know that the template sites I have seen make you choose the “minima” setting which is only the two columns….hmmm. Maybe we could all figure it out and open our own business lol 😉 Hopefully when “fall” hits it will magically be cooler! Can’t wait to break out the fall clothes! Have a blessed week – hope you are well! K

  3. Hey Gals!!Thanks for trying to figure out. I was thinking of that, doing my own layouts. Hmmm…..sounds good. Yeah, I can’t wait for fall, believe me I am making that Monday special. I absolutely LOVEEEEEEE Fall!! It’s my fav!!! Can’t wait to bust out my sweaters and long pants. Praise the Lord!!!!

  4. Hi – I just saw this on Allie’s site. She said if you follow her instructions to make her layouts fit full screen, you can use them with a three column blog. Didn’t do it myself, but if you go to this entry and then click on the full screen instructions, it has it step by step.If this link I listed here doesn’t work, its the post right below her giveaway post….. :)http://alliebrownslayouts.blogspot.com/2008/09/ive-realized-something.html

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