It was time I got a facelift to my blog. I’m not sure if I like it though. My friend’s Leslie & Kristin had this really cool link on their blogs and I had to check it out and do a facelift to my blog.

You may see some changes over the next couple of days as I find the one I really like. This was just a trial. Check out the website http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/ and http://alliebrownslayouts.blogspot.com/ they have allot of really cute stuff. That’s where I got some of my widgets (cutestblog, I guess that’s what they are called) from there a while back.

In His Love,


5 thoughts on “Facelift

  1. Hi Allie, Thanks, I totally wanted to do one from yours first, but it wouldn’t come up or maybe I just didn’t do it right. I am going to try again tonight!! Thanks for stopping by!!!I love your stuff it is so awesome, thank you soo much for making it available. God Bless you!!In His Love Adrienne

  2. SOOOOO cute Adrienne! Wow it’s been awhile since I’ve visited anyone, what a treat. You have great posts on here. As the Lord allows I will try to visit and post as well. Glad to hear the Lord is blessing your time at home. How fun to do facelifts. Love the pink!!! I’m sure you will find some more cute ones to try.Hugs,Melanie

  3. Thanks Mel, bloggy stranger!! LOL!!I know your are mega busy, you teacher you!!! How are you liking it? Well I’m sure the kids are blessed to have you as their teacher. God bless and take care, we miss ya in the bloggy world!! :)In His Love,Adrienne

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