"Our Daily Bread" Devotional

I receive these devotions daily from a dear friend, thank you Elsa, I love these!!! And I thought it was very appropriate for the task/time at hand. So here it is, check it out below!!!

The father shall make known Your truth to the children. Isaiah 38:19

It’s time…again for school to start… But there’s more to getting the children ready than filling their backpack and getting them to the bus on time. They must also be prepared spiritually. Before they hit the books, they need to know that the most important things they will ever learn come from the Book: the Bible…

There are many ways this can be done. One family takes time before school to have Bible reading. While Dad and the kids eat, Mom reads a chapter as they work through the whole Bible… Some parents use the night before to share scriptural truths… If children are to find their way to God, someone must point the way.


God Bless your day, your efforts and may he give you grace, mercy and peace today!!

In His Love,

P.S Thanks again Elsa!!! Love ya!


2 thoughts on “"Our Daily Bread" Devotional

  1. Awesome sis thanks for sharing it was great and sooooooo true that is why I homeschool. we start our every morning with “THE B.I.B.L.E” yes that’s the book for us ….it is the most important part of our day. Thanks for sharing sis!!!Love you,Cindy

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