First Day of Homeschooling!!

Wow!!! Thank you Jesus for all that you do and are going to do this school year.

Today went by quick, smooth and not to many mishaps. This was a total covering of the Lord, he totally blessed that. I know that there will be those trying days, but today I am praising him for today. We all had fun, I didn’t take any pictures, I should have, but I was too excited about starting that I didn’t even think of it. My girls did have fun in our jammies of course. We even got done before lunch.

I am learning alot and the Lord is just doing a work in my life and marriage. I also stopped potty training my little one is just not ready yet and I know the Lord will let me know when the time is right. Do you know of a really good Christian potty training book? I heard there is a really good book but I keep forgetting the name.

There is even a ‘Potty Whisperer’ which just totally amazed me. You can just google it or go here , yeah booty camp I know funny!! But this was interesting. Anyway, I need some good potty training advise, counsel, book, resourses, anything you feel lead to share.


In His Love,


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