Ok, so I was doing some homeschooling research and stumbled upon this lapbook thing. Do you know what a lap book is? Well I didn’t at first, but it sounds pretty cool and I’m dying to make one. Do you have a lapbook? Please post a comment and let me know. I found this information below at http://www.geocities.com/gibsevengang/lapbooks.html about lapbooking?

What is a lap book?

A lap book is basically an educational learning tool made from a folder and meant to take the place of worksheets. “Lap book” is a term being trademarked by Tobin’s Lab. It is the most common term used to refer to these educational mediums. They are also referred to as shutterbooks, graphic organizers, fold books, presentation books, flap books, and project books.

Are lap books hard to make?Not at all! They are as simple as you want them to be or as complicated as you want them to be. The finished project is completely up to the student.How is a lap book made?Simply by taking a folder and opening it on a flat surface. Fold the two taps inward until they meet in the center of the folder forming a window “shutter” effect.What materials are needed?Folders (regular or legal size)Writing tools (pencils, pens, markers, crayons)Various paper (cardstock, index cards, etc.)GlueStickersRubber Stamps (optional)ClipartBig Book of Books by Dinah Zike is extremely helpful in making the different minit book and project Something to studyWhat goes inside a lap book?Basically whatever the student has learned. Anything from vocabulary words to maps is recorded in minit books, games, and project folds combined with scrapbooking effects and graphic designs. What is the difference between notebooking & lapbooking?Notebooking is done in a 3-ring binder and is beneficial to older students who will have more information to store.Lapbooking is done in a folder and is beneficial to younger students who need more creative hands-on and appealing information in their books. I have used both lapbooking and notebooking with my upper elementary/junior high child.What do you do with your lap books when they’re finished?Unlike the endless bunches of stapled, red-marked, graded papers brought home every week by school children and ditched in the trash by year’s end; lap books promise a delightful keepsake for years to come.This was one of the things that excited me the most about lap books. Instead of working on elaborate posters we had no room for or doing pain-staking work on projects that ended up in “File 13”, lap books promised us a compact, colorful, hands-on keepsake.

The children did not feel as though they were doing their work in vain. They enjoy making these keepsake treasures because the contents matter to them. The fruits of their learning will not end up in the trash.Lap books store easily in the plastic, up-right, magazine holders on your bookshelf. Make sure to store them where the child can reach them to look over their projects & minit books, play the games, review their work, or to show it off to friends and family members.

So this answered my question to ‘What is a lap book’. Try to make one and let me know how you did. I’m going to start mine soon and will post it later.

Here is a tutorial website that shows you step by step on how to make them http://scrapbookingtolearn.com/scrapbookfolder.html. Isn’t this soo cool? Come on get those creative juices flowing. Take the lapbook challenge. Send me pictures of your latest creation of a lapbook.
God Bless!!

P.S. Be praying for the homeschooling mama’s as they will be starting school next week. How exciting I just received my curriculum today in the mail and I haven’t opened it yet but I can not wait. I also downloaded some really cute stuff for my younger one to be learning right along side her sissy!!!

Check out this website below that my friend Liz gave me, it’s really cool. I will be starting on letter ‘A’ with her and potty training at the same time. Am I crazy or what?

Ok so here’s this website, great for the little ones. http://www.christianpreschoolprintables.com/BibleABC.html


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