Well it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I’ve been a busy woman. Well the Lord has totally blessed me this last week. My husband surprised me last weekend with a surprise b-day party!!! And that was sooo awesome, and then the Lord has just been showering me with gifts the whole week and then for my real b-day we went out with some friends for dinner and breakfast and more breakfast and then I had another b-day party with my honey’s family and that was sweet!!!

God you are soo good, this has been the best b-day yet and I will forever remember, thank you Jesus!!!

So this week was my last week on the prism weightloss program. And it has totally changed my eating lifestyle. I’ve been able to fit in clothes that I haven’t been able to for a couple of years, which is totally sweet, thank you Jesus for given me the strength to do this. Thank you to my accountablity partner for helping me along the way. You were a big part in it, so thank you sooo much!!!

This week is VBS (Vacation Bible School) and wow it was a crazy fun filled day!!! I’m exhausted!!! I came home, ate and took a nap.

I am also going to start to homeschool my girl. It should be fun, exciting and a new journey in our walk. Lord please give me the knowledge that I will need, Husband too. And just give us the strength to do this. I just lift up this next journey that you have before us. Thank you for opening the door for us in that. In Jesus name….AMEN!!!

Alright, well it might be until next week that I blog, but that’s all that’s going on for now. I shall blog at a later date!! Until then!!

In His Love!!!!


4 thoughts on “Blessings!!!

  1. Praise God sis you have done awesome and I am glad you have been blessed with your change of eating habits may God continue to bless you through your journey as well as your journey to homeschool He is amazing and will be with you every step of the way. I will continue to pray and lift you and hubby and girls up in prayer.God Bless you Sis,Love,Cindy

  2. Sis, I just want to encourage you as you step out in faith and begin to homeschool! Pastor has said to me (many times as I faint at what the Lord has called me to do that I haven’t done before or don’t know how to) that “God does not called the equipped, He equips the called!” Go to Him each morning and ask Him to refresh that calling – to give you joy, strength, encouragement and endurance for the day. I’m so excited with what He has for you and your family during this school year! May God fill you to overflowing in this beautiful service He has called you to and richly bless it!

  3. Well, this is exciting!!! I will be praying that the Lord would light your path, give you wisdom, patience, and strength to walk the path He’s laid before you. What a privilege and honor to be with your girls and to homeschool. If God calls you to it, He’ll see you through it, isn’t that right? I’m so happy for you and for the blessings you enjoyed during your 30th bday celebration. It sounds like God was lovin all over you. How sweet. My prayers will be with you and your family as you venture out of your comfort zone and trust in Him.Blessings,Mel

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