What a week!!!!

Wow!!! It’s been a while since I posted anything. Well last week was a trail and error type of week. I had alot of things going, still doing the diet and then it was my first week home, still trying to get a groove going (almost got one). On Tuesday we went with some friends to watch a free movie and that was our first time and we had fun!!! I would do that again and the plus was that it was free. And during the week I had bought the girls some crafts to do and you’ll see the pics below. I got this really cute plaster kit for $5 at walmart for Veronica to do. She was soo excited. She is very hand’s on and loves to things herself…..she’s a big girl now what do you expect. LOL!!! So these are pictures of her making her plaster alphabets.
It looks like she’s tasting it, but she is just amazed at what the plaster looks like.
Here is the finished product. I helped her pour them too. This was a way cool project for her.
And here is Victoria, I got her a decorate your own purse kit for $5 too, at Walmart. She had fun with that.
This is her hard at work, making her pretty purse bag. I forgot to take a finished product pic, she finished like the next day. I will post that at another time. Well thanks for stopping by, I have so much more to post.

Until next time!!

In His Love,


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