Homemade Modeling Clay

So I found this really cool recipe for modeling clay. It was in Sunday’s newspaper in the Living section under Arts/crafts. And so I wanted to see if it worked. I will give the recipe below.

Here’s my creation, isn’t she fashionable. LOL!!! Yeah right!!!
Here’s Vic’s cute artwork, she did soo good!!!
Here’s both of ours put together.

Here’s My Monkeys friend’s artwork. She made this because her mom collects these, she said. She is so thoughtful!!!
So that was much fun!!!! Thank you Lord for the blessed afternoon we had.
Here’s the Modeling Clay recipe

1 cup flour (I used wheat flour, that’s all I had, I imagine the white would look better)
1 cup warm water
2 teaspoons cream of tarter
1 teaspoons oil ( I used olive oil, that’s all I had)
1/4 cup salt
Food coloring

Mix the fist 5 ingredients together, then add the food coloring. I sectioned the dough in as many parts for each color. So I had four sections. Cook each one seperately. Stir it all over medium heat until it’s smooth, you do it like your pouring pancakes. Then remove the dough from the pan and knead it until ti’s smooth. When it cools, place the dough in a plastic bag or airtight container where it should keep for some time.

Ok, well I really didn’t stick exactly to the “T” on this recipe. I did not knead the dough after you get out of the pan. I waited, I figured it would be hot. And it kind of looks like a pancake when you cook it. The dough will be very thick and almost like a thick pancake consistency. I also cut the dough in four sections before I cooked it to be able to have four different colors. We waited a few minutes and kneaded and then played with it right away. It still worked the same and we had a bunch of fun. So pick an afternoon and let your kids get involved in the baking process and you will have so much fun as we did.

God bless!!!!


3 thoughts on “Homemade Modeling Clay

  1. Deana!!Awe!! Your welcome, she knew right away what she was going to make. She is soo thoughtful!! Anytime…I love doing that stuff. So how do you like artful potter? I’ve been wanting to go for so long. I was thinking of having Victoria’s b-day there. Not sure though. Spemthing simple though, I always say something simple and it ends up being bigger and kaotic. LOL!!! God Bless you sister!!In His Love, Adrienne

  2. Hey cousin haven’t talk to yoiu in a while. How are things going? So whats this about being a stay at home? you have to email me and give me details. you girls all look great hope to hear from you soon. Jen

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