SEA MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria got Sea Monkeys for the Second time. She was soo excited and so was lil’ sis, Veronica!!! Victoria has just put in the sea monkey eggs. So exciting to see all those little guys hatch from powder. Does anyone know what they really are? I’ve heard they are shrimp? Do you know, if you know leave me a comment.
Sister’s hugging after all the hard work of stirring those eggs!!! LOL!!! Sea Monkey Mommies!!! 🙂
Veronica was really excited!!! And Victoria was amazed at how it all worked. Do you remember having sea monkeys when you were little? I do……it was so fun watching them swim and grow. Mine did not make it that far.
Time to put on the lid and watch them grow.

Sea Monkeys!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!
Do you see ’em??? Do you see ’em?????

These are the new tanks they come in, this was the beach city scene. They also have a New York City scene with sky scrappers and other ones too. They are pretty cool!!!

Can you see them floating around??? LOL!!! not yet silly they are smaller than a speck of sand.

My two lovelies!!!!!Are they just so stinkin cute??!!!!!

Sea Monkey momma keepin an eye on them.
Thank you Lord for all that you made, even these little tiny sea monkeys!!! May they become big sea monkeys and may they be proud sea monkey momma’s.


In His Love,


2 thoughts on “SEA MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. How cool! I always wondered what those were. Never even seen one. Where do you buy them? That would be a cool bday gift for Jaden since fish tank is going to have top wait. Hubby said no since I can’t even handle the cookie messes and fish tank would be a disaster. lol… Do you still have to order those?

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