Drive in Movie Night

Calvary Kids Club: Drive In Movie Night

This was totally fun!!! The kids were asked to bring in their own cars that were made out of Cardboard boxes. They were all so very cute!!!!

Cute Car!!!


My Girls 57′ Chevy, her Dad’s Dream Car

Slow Down Speed Racer

Cool Car!!!

Parking Lot!!!

Parking Lot for the Cardboard Cars & Spaceships (in one of the classrooms)

Even the icecream man truck came too!! šŸ™‚

There was two of these cars and they were so adorable!!!

We even had the Famous “Tow Mater”. Isn’t he just precious, so is the driver.


2 thoughts on “Drive in Movie Night

  1. Those are adorable! That must have been a fun night. Can’t wait till Jaden does it and Faith too. Hope you are having a blast tonight and tomorrow! Scrap away!Love,Leslie

  2. Hey Leslie,Thanks!!! I can’t wait too, they will have a ton of fun!!! I am having fun tonight, just way tired. I finished your baptisim pages, so excited. i will bring them with me on Sunday. Take care and God bless you!!Your sister in Christ Jesus!!!Adrienne

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