Heavenly Diaper Cakes!!!

These are my delicious diaper cakes that I make. One day I wanted to buy one on-line but did not like what they had to offer. So I thought I can do this myself, I’m a do it yourself kind of person. And the Lord just totally blessed that. All of these have been given away as gifts for baby showers. I am wanting to start making these for extra money on the side. If any of you are interested please leave a comment and I will get back with you.

These are already gone!!! I only have the one way at the bottom left, but it is going to as a gift for a baby shower this weekend.

But you get the idea of what I make.

Baby Girl 3 Tier Diaper Cakes $35.00 (Can’t beat that deal, it’s cheaper than some of the one’s I’ve seen)

This is a Heavenly Mini Girl Diaper cake, Isn’t it just delicious! $15

Heavenly Mini Boy Diaper Cakes!!!

They all come with a card that has a scripture or inspirational saying on them!
On the 3 tier cakes the tier on top is a mini shampoo kit that it comes with.
I love making these!!!
I will be posting some new ones soon within the next couple of weeks.

Let me know if you are interested I can ship out too!!!
Here’s my list of things I can make:
3 Tier Diaper Cakes $35
2 Tier Diaper Cakes $20
Mini Baby Cakes $15
Diaper Buggy Cakes $15-20 (Pictures soon to be posted, I only have a mini buggy left)
HouseWarming Mini Cakes (Pictures soon to be posted) $TBD
Bridal Shower Mini Cakes (Pictures soon to be posted) $TBD
Kids Mini Cake (Pictures soon to be posted, haven’t made one yet) $TBD
I can do about almost anything, just let me know what theme you want!
God bless you and thank you for coming to my blogspot!!!
I can customize them to your liking depending on theme, price may change.

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